Prentice Hall Literature - Grade 10


Pearson Prentice Hall Literature is an engaging program that reaches all students through personalized instruction. Highly engaging visuals and contemporary lesson designs have been carefully crafted into the program to ensure students will be easily engaged and stay highly motivated as they experience outstanding literature, poetry, and contemporary media. Prentice Hall Literature includes explicit instruction of skills—reading, vocabulary, literary analysis, and writing conventions—all in the context of the literature students read.

Prentice Hall Literature is organized around big and essential questions based on the Understanding by Design model by Grant Wiggins. Students frequently revisit these questions throughout lesson activities to deepen their understanding of universal themes. The Understanding by Design model helps you deliver focused instruction by teaching skills in context rather than in isolation.

Prentice Hall Literature Student Edition includes Informational Texts, Comparing Literary Works, Writing Workshops, and end-of-unit activities. Every unit is hosted by an award-winning contemporary author, and the instruction targets specific reading strategies.

The unit introduction includes introducing the Big Question and the unit genre and author. This "Big Question" section helps to to get you and your child thinking about important ideas to guide reading. The literature includes both classic and contemporary selections and the  Informational Texts feature has students applying learned skills to real-life.

Reader’s Notebook - Interactive workbooks with targeted reading and skill support for every selection in the student edition, plus additional full-length selections:

  • Interactive reading, literary analysis, and vocabulary support
  • Selection summaries and guides for note-taking
  • Sentence starters for reading–writing connections
  • “Turbo” vocabulary building tools
  • “Big Question” writing activities

All-in-One Workbook - Skills and assessment practice for all students, the All-in-One provides:

  • Practice with reading skills, grammar, vocabulary, and literary analysis
  • Writing support
  • Test practice
  • Fluency practice