Pearson Literature Homeschool Bundle ©2015 Grade 12


Pearson Literature is a powerful literature program that grows with you and your children and provides a clear pathway to success. Parents and children will find the classic literature selections as well as new contemporary literature and informational texts, including multigenre text sets all in one place. Our Homeschool bundle includes the student edition and digital access pack where parents can access teaching resources and children can access a wealth of digital resources to enhance their learning experience.

Key Program Highlights

Built for Rigor - Pearson Literature is a responsible and accountable English Language Arts curriculum that meets the standards and prepare children for the challenges ahead of them. The powerful Instructional Model helps systematically prepare children for college and professional texts.

Build Close Reading Strategies - Rigorous Close Reading Activities follow each selection. Close Reading Activities have children Read, Discuss, Research, and Write to apply what they have learned and allow them to develop insight. These are the types of performance tasks children will be required to do on next generation assessments and these are also the types of good reading habits needed to live literate lives.

Read More, Learn More - The ultimate goal is to help your child become a confident, independent, and successful reader. The program encourages students to read on their own and challenges children and inspires them to explore new authors, genres, topics, and texts of increasing complexity.Personalize your digital experience - Pearson Realize™ is a new online destination for your Pearson Literature digital curriculum, resources, assessments, and data. Flexible management tools give you an amazing amount of freedom and control.

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