Reading Street 2011 - Grade 6

Reading Street 2011 - Grade 6

Features and Benefits

  • Engaging content will motivate your child
  • Reading selections emphasize comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills
  • Abundance of practice with daily activities, games, quizzes, and reading and writing exercises
  • Six units with six weekly lessons make instruction a breeze


Student Edition Package

This 2-volume package features high-quality, authentic literature selections that emphasize comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills and offer opportunities for cross-textual reading in content areas. Weekly lessons focus on a Big Question that connects all reading, vocabulary, and writing to help your child reach a deeper level of understanding of the material. Teaching tips are embedded along the way under the Objectives icons on each lesson page to guide you and your child throughout the lessons.

Teacher Resource DVD

The Teacher Resource DVD includes all of the instruction materials you will need including:

  • Teaching guides with lesson planners and scoring rubrics
  • Printable activities and worksheets
  • Vocabulary resources with weekly lesson alignment
  • Practice books with daily games, quizzes, reading and writing exercises matched to each lesson

Guide on the Side

The Guide on the Side is an amazing handbook that supports effective literacy instruction. It provides a framework of routines and example activities that include mini-lessons, a writing workshop, and guidance for assessing and monitoring your child’s progress.

ExamView® Assessment Suite CD

This easy-to-use Assessment Suite software allows you to create, customize, and print tests. It will allow you to analyze the test results and prescribes reteaching activities when needed.