Personalized, Integrated, and Accelerated Remediation in Reading, Writing, and Math

Ensure your child masters prerequisite skills in reading, writing, and mathematics for success in college and beyond with MyFoundationsLab. This dynamic suite of online, mastery-based instruction and assessment begins at a 4th grade reading level, sentence-level writing, and whole numbers and progresses through college and career readiness to ensure students are prepared for credit bearing courses in English and Math.

The pre-loaded content includes 90+ topics of study and over 30,000 assessment items and is fully customizable to meet any course objective.

MyFoundationsLab is a perfect solution for: a supplement any core subject area, summer school, enrichment courses, SAT/ACT/State and national test prep.

Student access duration to the MyLab Homeschool Edition is dependent on the length of time a parent wishes to teach the MyLab course. Access can last a maximum of 18 months.


Please note: MyLab Parent Access Kit for Pearson Homeschool Edition (ISBN: 9780132939317) is required to use this product. You only need to buy the MyLab Parent Access Kit once. If you have already purchased the MyLab Parent Access Kit, you do not need to purchase it again; it will provide parent access for all the MyLab Student products for Homeschool.