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South Carolina bill promising for homeschoolers

A South Carolina bill aiming to aid homeschool families is close to becoming law.

The proposed bill would give state tax deductions to parents choosing to teach a homeschool curriculum. According to Columbia CBS affiliate WSPA, the bill would give parents who teach their children at home at $2,000 tax deduction.

In March, the bill passed on the House floor, 65-49, but a Senate panel voted against it 3-2 on May 9. The bill advanced out of committee due to determined efforts by supporters like Senator Larry Grooms. Grooms believes the bill is an important incentive for those choosing to homeschool their children.

“Parents who are happy with their traditional public schools can stay put. Parents who feel their children aren’t being fully served can choose a more appropriate school,” explained Grooms, who is also one of the bill’s sponsors, according to the Columbia Star. “Clearly this is a good thing for the student and the family either way.”

The bill now only needs a majority of votes on the Senate floor and to be signed by the governor to become law.

If you're interested in learning about potential tax credits offered to homeschoolers in your area, you can refer to the Home Schooling Legal Defense Association website.