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Homeschool groups offer support

Homeschool groups can make a world of a difference when you have a million questions about homeschool curriculum, laws, future goals or styles of teaching.

Support groups can be more or less formal and might meet in person or online. Members might all share the same homeschool philosophy or might have diverse approaches. Depending on your needs and time restraints, various local groups can be an ideal way for you to interact with other homeschoolers.

For instance, a homeschool group in Lake Norman, North Carolina, meets on a monthly basis to provide support, discuss tests and subject matter, and plan events or outings. According to the Charlotte Observer, the local homeschool group is a laid-back collective that acts as a secondary resource for homeschooling parents.

“There have been times that, absolutely, I get overwhelmed,” said Marion Marcy, a 10-year homeschool mother in Mooresville. “We have such a strong support group in this area of North Carolina, if there is a subject I don’t feel I’m proficient at, I can ask.”

You can refer to various websites, such as Family Education, to learn more about the types of homeschool groups out there and the benefits of each.