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Homeschool students compete for a spot on the Olympic team

During the week of June 18, a spotlight will shine on several homeschool students competing for a chance to be on the 2012 Olympic Diving Team. Five divers who stand a very good chance at making the Olympic team either have been or still are homeschooled.

A 15-year-old diver from Midland, Texas, Anna James, performed in the World Championship in China last summer, and is noted as an athlete to watch by Yahoo! Sports. The homeschooler is a part of the U.S. National Team and will likely compete in synchronized diving in the 2012 London games, according to My West Texas.

At the 2008 Olympic games, Haley Ishimatsu was a homeschooler to look out for, and she hopes to compete once again as one of only three women who are able to perform a back three-and-a-half pike. The former gymnast is a staunch homeschool advocate."I've heard that high school social life is really just over rated," Ishimatsu told USA Today in a 2008 interview. "I think that stuff has been balanced out by what I've been able to achieve."

Other homeschooled athletes to look out for at the diving trials are David Boudia, Thomas Finchum and Kelci Bryant.