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Home Learning Association is created

Homeschooling has become an increasingly popular option among parents in America. In fact, the number of school-age children participating in homeschooling programs has increased by 75 percent over the last 14 years. Currently, there approximately 2 million homeschool students in the U.S., which amounts to about 4 percent of all school-age children.

As more parents choose to homeschool their children, national organizations designed to connect and empower homeschooling parents are cropping up. Most recently, the Home Learning Association was created in an effort to give parents and the children who they homeschool the resources they need to create a quality educational program.

J. Allen Weston, executive director of HLA, said the national homeschooling association was created to help parents who had decided that the public school system was not giving their children what they needed, either academically or in terms of safety.

"We felt it was time for someone to step forward to help connect, empower, and inspire those families, at a national level, so that they can all have the greatest opportunity to succeed at homeschooling," Weston said in a statement.

The Home Learning Association offers a variety of resources for homeschooling parents. In addition to establishing an online social network where homeschoolers can interact and connect with others who have similar interests, HLA also offers access to an e-book and video library, help with post-graduate studies and opportunities for fundraising, travel and community projects.

Parents who want to supplement their homeschool program with testing opportunities can also participate in the National Virtual Science Fair and Solutions Debate and the National Talent Showcases in music, art, film, writing and more. HLA membership also includes access to discounts at national chain stores and ongoing homeschooling support through the organization's "Ask the Expert" program.