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3 field trips you can turn into math lessons

Field trips are a great way to mix up your homeschool program and to get out and explore. To have some fun but include important lessons, consider turning your next field trip into an exercise in math! Here are three locations you can use as inspiration for your next math adventure:

1. Architecture tours
Take a tour of a local landmark building where you can see a view of your city or town, like the Space Needle in Seattle or the Willis Tower in Chicago. If there aren't any skyscrapers in your town, that's OK, just choose the tallest building you can find. Bring math into your architectural experience by having your daughter estimate the height of the building and how it compares to other structures around the world, like Dubai's Burj Khalifa or Taipei 101 in Taiwan. You can get really in depth by researching the materials used to construct the building you are touring, and calculating the mass and weight of those items.

2. Sports trip
Have some fun with math and sports when you take your daughter to see a game, whether it's major league baseball or a high school basketball game. Your daughter can record scores, calculate batting averages or free throw percentages, or compare win and loss records. She can even organize her data in a graph or chart when you go home.

3. Farm visit
A visit to a nearby farm or market is a great opportunity to practice some math. Pick fresh produce and have your daughter estimate the weight! See if she can calculate how many items go into a barrel of apples or a tray of peppers using multiplication. When you return home, you can even cook something with your foods and use math in the kitchen for ingredient measurements.