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Preparing your daughter for a safe college experience

Before your daughter completes her homeschool program and heads off to her college of choice, it's crucial to have a talk with her about smart behavior at school. Having this discussion may give you peace of mind as a parent, and protect her when you're not around. Crime and theft are problems at every college, so it's important that your daughter takes the proper steps to protect against it. Here's how to prepare her for a safe and secure college experience:

Lock her door
This may seem like something that's obvious for your daughter to do, but she may forget to lock her dorm door when she's walking down the hall or leaving for only a few minutes. It's important to let her know to lock up at all times to protect her valuables. It only takes a few seconds for a laptop or a tablet to disappear.

Always walk with a buddy
Let your daughter know that she should get in the habit of walking with a buddy when it gets dark outside, because there is safety in numbers. If for some reason she ever is walking alone, encourage her to bring along a whistle that she can blow just in case she finds herself in danger. She should also avoid wearing headphones when walking, as this can hinder her ability to hear what or who is around her.

Know the location of emergency phones
Most colleges have emergency phones placed sparingly throughout campus and inside academic buildings. When you and your daughter go check out the school, make sure to note the location of these phones in case of an emergency. Most of the phones will have a blue light on top to help them be easily recognizable.

Don't put her name on key rings
Putting your daughter's name and address on things like her laptop, tablet and notebooks is a smart thing to do, but that doesn't go for her keys. Should she lose the keys to her dorm room, whoever finds them will have access to her room. If she does misplace her room keys, talk to the buildings resident advisor to have the locks changed.

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