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De-stressing during the college application process

Applying to colleges can be exciting for your son, but at times, this may be a daunting process, especially if he's applying to multiple schools. Filling out applications and writing essays is crucial for him to get into the school of his dreams, so it's important that he's focused and de-stressed. Here's how he can remain calm and organized:

Have an organizational system and stick to it
Each school requires different documents, whether it's transcripts, financial aid, ACT and SAT scores, etc. That can be a lot of papers to keep track of, and if your son has them all in the same folder, it's going to be tough to find what he needs. Consider having multiple colored bins dedicated to each school to which he's applying. He can also separate the bins by document. Have his transcripts go in the green container, while all his test scores go in the red bin. Think about what organizational strategies worked for him in your homeschool program, and rely on those.

Research the application requirements
What one school requires in the application, another may not. It's important that your son do the proper research for each college he's planning on applying to. The school's website is usually a good place to check for application requirements.

Set reminders
Getting the application mailed in on time is crucial when it comes to your son being accepted. Sending the application in a timely matter shows that he can pay attention to directions and follow through on them. Write down the deadlines for each college on a wall calendar where your son can see them. You can also encourage him to set alerts on his phone, reminding him of how much time he has left to apply to each school.

Complete one application at a time
The application process can suddenly become much more overwhelming for your son if he tries to tackle them all in one sitting. Instead, encourage him to handle one school at a time, giving himself a proper amount of time for each application. It can be confusing when he's trying to keep track of all the requirements for the four different schools to which he's applying.

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