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More homeschoolers than private school attendees in North Carolina
Homeschool programs have grown significantly over the last four decades.
Homeschooling provides Klaussen family with rich life experiences
For some parents, public schooling is the natural choice for their children. But other families homeschooling is an option worth exploring.
Mom Michele Knight enjoys family time that comes from homeschooling
One of the differences between public schooling and homeschooling is the amount of available family bonding time.
Homeschoolers test one grade level above public school students
Homeschooling your children means that you have complete control over the curriculum, you get to spend more time with your kids and you can adjust their school schedules as necessary.
Homeschooling growing in North Carolina
Many families are choosing to homeschool their children rather than attend private or public schools, and this is especially the case in North Carolina.