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Stay healthy during National Nutrition Month, and after
You and your son can include nutritious diet tips in his homeschool program.
Tips for helping your child learn to love veggies
One of the greatest challenges that parents who support healthy eating at home will face is encouraging their little ones to learn to love vegetables.
5 healthy Valentine's Day snacks
You can continue your routine of healthy eating at home on Feb. 14 this year by whipping up any of these simple recipes.
3 yummy egg breakfast recipes for kids
Eggs are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, which means they make healthy meals for kids who need all the brain power they can get.
2 foods to oven fry
Your son can still enjoy the taste of fried foods, but without the high fat content and calorie count thanks to oven frying.
Eating healthy at restaurants with your little one
Here's how to enjoy eating out while still maintaining a healthy meal.