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Free book if you spend $50 or more!
Spend $50 dollars or more on our homeschool website and receive a copy of Quinn Cummings book free.
Homeschool Parent Spotlight - Week 12
Walter Rodriguez
Homeschool Parent Spotlight - Week 12
Fresh new look for our website!
Our homepage got a recent makeover.
Read the latest Parent Spotlight Blog: Week 8 - Officially started homeschooling!
We officially began school on September 8th. We took our own pictures on the front porch. The school area is upstairs. We have a large game room with a table and lots of storage. It’s a great place to work, and keep all our supplies. Plus, the room also doubles as the playroom, so if we need a break, the legos aren’t far away. So far, our son loves homeschooling.
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