The Reading Street series, is a comprehensive English and Language Arts curriculum for homeschooling designed to help your child meet his or her educational goals during every Grade level. The Grade 1 set is packed with engaging and modern content designed to foster your child’s love of reading and writing. The concise layout of Reading Street: Grade 1 will guide you through English and Language Arts, helping you plan exciting and informative lessons that set your child down the path of critical thinking and habitual reading.

Complete with six volumes of content, a Teacher Resource DVD, Handbook and Assessment DVD, Reading Street: Grade 1 is an easy-to-use curriculum perfect for establishing your child's literary foundation. As you and your homeschooler complete the fun activities, writing exercises and games, your child will begin to grasp important English and Language Arts concepts.

By the end of first Grade, children should feel more confident in their English and Language Arts skills. The goal of Reading Street: Grade 1 is to develop children’s abilities to:

  • Break up syllable sounds.
  • Recognize and understand sentence cues, such as punctuation and capitalization.
  • Read aloud.
  • Identify words with an unusual spelling, such as "the."
  • Break down stories into plot, characters and main ideas.
  • Differentiate nonfiction from fiction.

Every week, you and your child will explore one Big Idea that encompasses vocabulary, reading topics and writing prompts. The first Grade content is structured so the Big Idea and the activities that support it challenge your young child while helping him or her learn important foundational information. With all the games and quizzes Reading Street: Grade 1 presents, your homeschooler is sure to enjoy his or her lessons. Additionally, your child will find bright pictures and age-appropriate stories and poems when they open the cover of this curriculum set.

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