The final installment of the Reading Street curriculum series, Reading Street: Grade 6, comes complete with everything you'll need to create English and Language Arts lessons for your child. This system includes reading selections designed to help your child hone his or her skills, a Teacher Resource DVD to make your task of developing lessons easier, and a packet of curriculum materials.

Reading Street: Grade 6 is a comprehensive system designed to enhance your child's skills in reading, writing and language. Each assignment in Reading Street helps your child progress toward that goal. While such a dynamic curriculum might sound challenging for you as a parent and educator to use, you can rest assured that the materials will guide you through 12 weeks of English and Language Arts lesson planning with ease.

If you prefer a structured homeschooling program format, Reading Street (in all of its Grade level structures) is the right fit for you and your child. Grade 6 comes with two volumes of six units. By the time you complete Grade 6, your child will be able to:

  • Read through a variety of complex literature, including biographies and fictional stories.
  • Discover additional reading material based on personal taste.
  • Relate individual chapters or concepts to the book as a whole.
  • Write complete stories using proper grammar, punctuation and word choice.
  • Compose a written argument using appropriate sources.
  • Examine and edit his or her own writing, as well as the writing of others.
  • Present an oral presentation based on the lessons.

Unlike other curricula, Reading Street imparts a love of reading upon your child. From Grade 1 through Grade 6, your child will learn not only the skills he or she needs to advance his or her education, but become a lifelong student and reader.

For more information about the specific materials included in the Reading Street: Grade 6 curriculum for homeschooling, visit the Features and Benefits page.